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Marine fuel - is a specialized oil product, which is poured into a ship’s bunkers to power its engines. Within the total volume of fuel oil consumption in the Russian market, the share of bunker fuel reaches 70%. Rosneft is the biggest public company in the world in terms of reserves and production. Adding reserves is one of the Company’s key priorities.


Marine fuel is produced at 10 refineries located in all key regions of the country.Oil extracted from oil wells is delivered to the refinery through the pipeline system or by rail transportation, where it is subjected to primary processing. Thus, distillate fractions and fuel oil are produced.

At the next stage, the fuel oil is re-refined to produce light petroleum products. Together with the distillate fractions from the primary processing, they are treated in hydrotreatment units.The final product, the bunker fuel, is obtained during the next step - blending of fuels. The production of marine fuel takes up to 7 days.

Logistics and sales

Delivery of ship fuel is carried out in several ways.The company has a well-developed logistics system which includes rail, road, pipeline and water transport. Supply of marine fuel on board is carried out with the help of tanker-bunkers or on specialized shore terminals.